“Parenting is a type of skill that most parents least develop as they think it would come to past — not realising that on this skill is where the future highly lies.”

Pixar/Disney — ‘The Good Dinosaur’

“We begin to be mature ADULTS only when we cease to whine, revile and commence to search for the hidden justice which regulates our life.” — James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

Photo by Helena Hertz on Unsplash

I believe that everyone chooses how to approach life. If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing. ― John C. Maxwell

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“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” ― Eckhart Tolle

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“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have ONE. “ — Tom Hiddleston

Nherwin A.♛

Designer @ Mind & Leadership Training

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