Your Daily Routine Won’t Measure Without This

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. — Peter Drucker

If you’re here, chances are you are doing some daily routine. A daily routine you believe will help you have a better life. It can be writing, exercise, meditation, or doing some side projects. But the common question is, how do you really measure progress?

Progress are evidence of growth. But sometimes we cannot easily see progress with a span of a day.

For example, on exercising, you will only gain nothing but pain after an hours of stretch on a workout session. On writing an article, most of your writings will not be clear on the first draft, and even on second or third. Only after a few days of contemplation and right arrangement you can feel that you have the right words and clarity.

Real progress resonates when you allow yourself to have time to stop, sit down, and break your daily routine. Sometimes noteworthy results happen on a span of a week.

Rest is a fine medicine. Let your stomachs rest, ye dyspeptics; let your brain rest, you wearied and worried men of business; let your limbs rest, ye children of toil! — Thomas Carlyle

Benjamin Hardy, top writer on Medium explains how the importance of recovering from work, technology, and few more will help you have a true living and purposeful life.

The main takeaway is that, breaking a routine with equally good routine can give you a great overview of your life. For example, if you are doing something daily, you should break that routine once in a while to make sure you can reflect on your progress.

In my case, I journal everyday, and I break it with weekly journaling session. This is where I need to go to different environment to make a weekly reflection.

Regardless of the activity, it will be your day of the week where you will rest and recover. Reflect how you’ve done so you can strategized how you will handle your next upcoming days.

Ask these questions:

How am I doing? Did I improved 1 or 2% better than the previous week?

What are the ways I can measure my improvement? Pounds reduced? Words written?

Do I have things that I keep on procrastinating up until now?

Are there goals I set that is not achievable in a week and needs to move on next week? (what was the reason some was delayed? is it lack of time? lack of interest? is it really important? aligned with my life goals?

What are the things I need to omit to focus on the essentials?

Are the majority of my weekly achievements contributes to my main goal in life?

How these opportunities that I have relates to my main goal?

Asking these questions with your weekly review helps you see the forest and not the trees. It’s your time to recover and see your work from a different angle.

Your ultimate goal will be composed of micro goals. It’s the total puzzle of achievements and measured progress. These series of weekly reviewing and recovering will help you correct things you need to change and continue on the activities that will clearly complete the whole puzzle.

Be mindful of the reality of failures, it’s like gravity that will remain constant and will always exist. What we can do is learn and correct our way to make our life goal more strong and solid.

Weekly routine is your reward, whether you think you’re doing well or not. It will serve as your navigator. It points you to the path that you need to follow through.

Weekly routine is your recharge for the next week challenges. Weekdays are sometimes draining, but if you see progress even small progress it will remind you that you are moving.

Here’s how I break it my daily journaling.

I write my weekly review in a separate notebook or sometimes as a continuous page inside my journal.

Weekly Review is how my past week went, and Next Week Overview will be the plans, correction, and the focus for next week.

If you proactively choose to recover and reflect on your past activities and achievements you will drive yourself to the direction align with your overall goal in life.

It‘s not just a simple overview how are you doing, it highlights the pain points and also the small wins. These are the key things that will help you evaluate your life and follow through things that truly matter to you.

Let’s begin.

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